Company policy

Quality assurance in the service provided has in recent years been a topic which our company has increasingly had to confront.

The company has had its mission since
the beginning in 1997:

“To acquire ever greater competence both on the national and international market to provide a complete environmental recycling service for customers”

The development of a quality system

It means rethinking the way of organizing activities, placing greater emphasis on the relationship with customers and on defining procedures for the management and control of internal processes in order to minimize inefficiencies (delay in delivery times and scheduling of activities) and maximize the quality (effective interventions without the need for new processes).

Quality means:

Defining our organization according to the contents of the ISO 9001 standard does not mean revolutionizing the way we work, but standardizing it through the following fundamental phases:

  • Create trust and deal with customer needs;
  • Improve the quality of the customer’s production;
  • Guaranteeing savings on purchase costs for the customer.


Our organization has decided to take the road of certification to obtain two fundamental results:

  • Internal Quality: defining internal processes by identifying phases, tasks, responsibilities and interaction between internal processes;
  • External quality: guaranteeing and making the reliability of the processes performed (compliance with deadlines, speed of response, absence of errors, compliance with the agreements taken) perceived externally to the subjects that have relations with the organization.