Founded in July 1997, GLOBO CARTE S.r.l., soon established itself in the Italian waste paper market, offering itself immediately as a valid supplier for the largest paper industries in central and northern Italy.

Favoured also by the strategic position of its commercial office, situated right in the center of Italy, the business rapidly spreads out, thanks to the engagement of supplying all qualities of recovered paper, satisfying every productive need, and also to a careful control over the service and the products it offers.

The choice of enlarging the range of the available qualities and of offering a more and more complete and very through service leads to the decision of extending the business also to the international markets, where the company GLOBO CARTE S.r.l. introduce itself as a competent partner for import-export of raw materials for the recycling industry.

In 2009, ISO 9001 is certified for the marketing of waste paper as a further guarantee of quality for our customers.